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A miracle of fate spanning 3 generations over 30 years

[IVF case]A miracle of fate spanning 3 generations over 30 years
Over thirty years ago, Mrs. Zeng overcame the troubles of a uterine septum with the help of Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee, successfully giving birth to her eldest daughter. Reflecting on the bitter experience of seven years of infertility after marriage, Mrs. Zeng said with emotion, "At that time, Dr. Lee performed surgery to remove the muscular fibers of the uterine septum, and then I took ovulation drugs for three months, finally achieving a successful pregnancy. When I had bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, Dr. Lee also took care of ensuring the pregnancy's safety and delivery. I am truly grateful for Dr. Lee's help."

Over twenty years ago, Mrs. Zeng sought Dr. Lee's assistance once again and successfully conceived her second child through artificial insemination (IUI) treatment. Mrs. Zeng mentioned that after giving birth to her eldest daughter, she thought the second pregnancy would happen naturally, but she encountered the challenge of secondary infertility. "At that time, I was already over forty years old, and time was precious. I decided to seek Dr. Lee's help again and underwent artificial insemination. The result was a quick and successful pregnancy, and I gave birth to my second daughter in the year 2003."

Last year, Mrs. Zeng's eldest daughter, Mrs. Lin, sought the assistance of Dr. Lee again for her infertility issues and underwent the fourth-generation IVF technology. Finally, on New Year's Day this year, they welcomed a healthy baby! Mrs. Lin had been trying to conceive without success, and coincidentally, she availed herself of the subsidy policy for IVF. Therefore, she decided to seek help from Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee at Lee Women's Hospital. "I have tried various methods to get pregnant, including taking fertility-enhancing health supplements for three years, but nothing worked. Four years ago, I had a miscarriage due to heavy lifting at work. However, I am already over thirty years old and didn't want to be an older mother. My mother urged me to seek Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee's help, so I had my initial consultation with him in January last year."

Choosing Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee made me feel more secure and connected because he was the one who delivered me. Even my mother, who had difficulty conceiving, succeeded with his help. My friends around me who underwent IVF had to try 5 to 6 times, but I achieved success with just one attempt under Dr. Lee's guidance. 

On Mother's Day this year, Mrs. Zeng's three generations gathered together, and her mother said, "We are extremely grateful for the assistance of Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee, which allowed us to have two daughters and a precious grandson. The women in our family rely on you when it comes to childbirth. It's truly like a miraculous and auspicious connection to be able to reunite today and express our gratitude!"

Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee also happily shared and emphasized that IVF is not the only option and it is essential to have thorough discussions with the physician. Dr. Lee stated, "Treatment should be based on each individual case, and that has always been my principle. Although technology is advancing, it doesn't mean that every case requires IVF. Just like Mrs. Zeng's situation, she successfully conceived in the first instance with a gynecological surgery, and the second time through artificial insemination! Therefore, IVF is not the only choice."

Dr. Lee stated, "Mrs. Zeng has witnessed three generations of Taiwan's reproductive medicine history, encompassing the most traditional treatments and the latest technologies. From artificial insemination to the first-generation IVF and now the most advanced fourth-generation IVF, it feels like a reflection of my medical career. In today's low birth-rate society, we greatly admire families who are willing to have babies. Being able to see Mrs. Zeng and her family with grandchildren, as their attending physician, I am truly honored and proud!"
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