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2 Children in 4 Years - IVF story


Preparing for pregnancy can easily create a silent and invisible atmosphere of pressure for busy couples in today's fast-paced life, especially when it involves tasks like monitoring body temperature, calculating ovulation periods, and arranging homework. In vitro fertilization (IVF) relieves the stress of these tasks, allowing couples preparing for pregnancy to focus on adjusting their physical condition to match the treatment. Stress-free pregnancy preparation increases the chances of a successful conception.

After getting married in 2016, a happily married couple enjoyed two carefree years of life. However, as they watched their classmates' children start school and saw no signs of pregnancy, they realized it was time to undergo infertility testing and look into potential solutions. Infertility testing at Lee Women's Hospital in the first half of 2018 revealed low AMH levels and uterine fibroids. The doctor advised them to begin with IVF, but the significant cost difference forced them to consider artificial insemination first. Both attempts were declared unsuccessful after undergoing two artificial insemination procedures following the removal of uterine fibroids via hysteroscopy. 


After two failed artificial insemination attempts, it was determined that the sperm was fine, indicating the need for IVF to extract the eggs to determine why the sperm and eggs couldn't successfully combine. Dr. Pin-Yao Lin was consulted this time. Several key points were raised by the doctor during the discussion:
  • Three months of egg nurturing
  • Weight loss
  • Vitamin D supplementation

Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) levels were significantly higher than the previous year, indicating a more specific direction for IVF. The work schedule assessment was expected to allow more time for rest around July or August, with the goal of losing 5 kilograms before starting treatment.


Finally, in mid-August, following the onset of MC, I went to Dr. Lin's clinic at Lee Women's Hospital and began IVF treatment. During IVF treatment, Lee Women's Hospital provides a fantastic service: you can return to the injection room or consult with the nurses at any time for assistance with injections, whether it's the stimulation shots, the egg retrieval injection, or even the progesterone shots post-implantation. Returning to the hospital for these injections relieves anxiety while also providing you with professional advice from the nurses. The entire treatment procedure feels like a friendly conversation.

Following egg retrieval, the fertilization and embryo culture process begins, which is the most difficult to control. It is dependent on prayer as well as the inherent quality of the eggs and sperm. Fortunately, the laboratory at Lee Women's Hospital is highly skilled, and despite being over 37 years old, I had three high-quality D5 embryos in each of my two IVF cycles! I had two IVF treatments in total, implanting two D5 embryos each time. Both times, one embryo implanted successfully, and I carried it for ten months before giving birth to a healthy and lively baby boy. I'm grateful for the kindness of strangers and the divine's grace throughout this process.

Listening to Doctors and Doing Your Best - Good Luck Will Come Knocking


Based on my experience, here are several key factors for success that I would like to share:
Discuss the best treatment plan with your doctor and adhere to their recommendations. Dr. Lin stressed the importance of the mother's full cooperation. Dr. Lin also mentioned that losing weight is recommended to increase metabolism and medication absorption, but not every mother can achieve a weight loss of more than 5 kilograms.

To increase the chances of success, try to reduce stress and take one step at a time during the IVF process. For example, get enough high-quality eggs to ensure a healthy ovulation process. This can be accomplished by adhering to a regular sleep schedule, limiting coffee consumption, and incorporating nourishing foods.Consume soy milk and black bean water to prepare the uterine lining for implantation. Maintain a warm environment after implantation, encourage ample amniotic fluid, and consume hot soups like fish or chicken broth while avoiding cold or cooling fruits and vegetables. Socks should be worn all day.

IVF treatments can be expensive, and even with financial assistance, everyone hopes for a successful outcome on the first try. As a result, it is critical not to undervalue any aspect of the process. Some practices may appear traditional, such as not drinking coffee, not using scissors, not moving or changing beds, and adhering to dietary restrictions, but it is better to trust the process because each child is a precious gift.

I'm grateful to everyone at Lee Women's Hospital. It took four years from undergoing two IVF treatments to welcoming my children into the world. I'd like to thank Dr. Pin-Yao Lin, Dr. Jing-Ci Liao , Pharmacist Yun-Zhu Ke , and everyone in the consultation room, injection room, reproductive medicine laboratory, ultrasound room, nursing room, operating room, and anesthesiology department. Looking at my children's photos now, I'm grateful for my efforts and everyone's help. Caring for children is a sweet and fulfilling responsibility, and I am confident that all expectant mothers will soon welcome their precious babies.
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