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Despite numerous failures at other hospitals, twins were successfully delivered

"Even today, seeing our twins when I get home from work still feels like a dream. When I hold my babies, the stress and unhappiness I experience at work seem less significant. It would be more than enough if our twins are raised safely and in good health. My wife and I have talked about returning to Lee Women's Hospital the following year to continue our search for a third child," said Mr. Liao, beaming and warmly expressing his happiness.

Mr. and Mrs. Liao underwent numerous unsuccessful IVF procedures in the north Taiwan after being married for ten years without becoming pregnant. They went to Lee Women's Hospital with Dr. Lee for treatment when they were 35 years old, and after just one IVF cycle, they were able to have twins.

"We tried IVF in the north Taiwan, but all of the attempts failed, and the doctors were unable to identify the cause of the failures. Dr. Lee was able to explain the problems and required treatments when we visited Lee Women's Hospital and consulted with him. Our family is now complete, and we are incredibly grateful to Lee Women's Hospital for that," said Mr. Liao.

Dr. Lee performed examinations as soon as the 36-year-old couple arrived at Lee Women's Hospital. Although the husband's sperm motility and morphology were excellent, the sperm-egg binding assessment did not meet the requirements, and he discovered that the wife had a low AMH level. Advanced immune blood tests for the wife revealed abnormal immune-related values. To address these immune-related problems, Dr. Lee immediately modified their treatment strategy and made recommendations for ways to deal with the low egg count.

Fortunately, they only got a small number, but the embryos were of very high quality. The Lee Women's Hospital AI embryo selection system rating for the two embryos implanted was 17+ and 18+. They were able to conceive twins on their first try after about four months of improving the wife's health.

"We discovered that the IVF procedure is more complicated than it first appears, thanks to Dr. Lee. We now clearly understand each step and the level of medical knowledge needed. We know what nutrients we need to supplement now that we have identified our deficiencies," said Mr. Liao.
IVF Success Story: Despite numerous failures at other hospitals, twins were successfully delivered
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