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Successful childbirth after 6 failed IVF attempts in HK

Successful childbirth after 6 failed IVF attempts in HK
Mrs. S from Hong Kong went through a long journey to have a child and finally fulfilled her dream of giving birth to a son at the age of 45. She and her husband, who got married at the age of 38, had been trying to conceive for 5 years before coming to Lee Women's Hospital. They had consulted renowned doctors in the field of reproductive medicine in Hong Kong, but without success...

"I was actually diagnosed with infertility in Hong Kong in 2013. I underwent 6 IVF treatments with the most famous local doctor, and although 3 of them resulted in implantation, they all ended in miscarriage. The doctors in Hong Kong suggested that I go to Taiwan for IVF because Taiwan has excellent reproductive medicine expertise that can rival that of the United States. Moreover, Lee Women's Hospital is an authority in reproductive technology, which is why many couples come here seeking its renowned services."

"There are many reproductive institutions in Taiwan, but as a healthcare professional, I particularly emphasize the laboratory aspect. The reason I chose Lee Women's Hospital is because I know that the hospital has excellent facilities, a highly professional laboratory, and is led by the experienced and authoritative Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee," Mrs. S recalled when reflecting on her decision to come to Taiwan.

When Mrs. S visited Dr. Chun-I Lee's clinic, she was already 43 years old. Dr. Lee assisted in conducting infertility-related tests and found that her AMH level was 1.2. Considering her advanced age, low ovarian reserve, and previous miscarriages, along with the relevant reports they brought from Hong Kong, Dr. Lee suggested they combine PGT-A to identify healthy embryos, thereby reducing the chances of implantation failure and miscarriage. They underwent PGT-A testing on the five embryos they obtained. After the transfer of the two best embryos, they finally achieved a successful pregnancy test.

"Thanks to the excellent skills of Dr. Chun-I Lee, the embryos found a favorable location for implantation and settled in successfully," Mrs. S choked up while mentioning it.

"The process of IVF was not difficult for me because I am a healthcare professional. I was able to handle these treatment procedures within my capacity, and I also know how to administer injections, so I didn't find it challenging. The staff at Lee Women's Hospital explained the medication usage clearly, conducted thorough examinations, provided excellent treatment services, and the environment in the implantation room was great.

During the early months of my pregnancy, I experienced continuous bleeding, and at five months, I had a major hemorrhage. I called the international coordinator at Lee Women's Hospital, who helped me reach Dr. Chun-I Lee. Dr. Lee advised me to immediately receive medication to prevent a miscarriage, which saved my child. I am grateful to Dr. Lee for providing me with sufficient medication for preventing miscarriage and ensuring the smooth progression of my pregnancy. The comprehensive medical care I received was crucial in overcoming this challenging situation."

Mr. and Mrs. S also want to encourage couples who are seeking cross-border reproductive medical assistance: "Do not give up. Look at me, even after multiple failed attempts in Hong Kong, I did not give up, and it was only when I came to Taiwan that I finally gave birth to a child. So, I encourage everyone not to give up. You will find a place that can help you, and once you are in the right place, you will definitely succeed."
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