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PGT-A case: IVF treatment after miscarriage in advanced age

PGT-A case: IVF treatment after miscarriage in advanced age

Xiao Ting, a 38-year-old music teacher, got married 7 years ago and successfully conceived their first child naturally the following year. However, when they tried to conceive their second child a few years later, it wasn't as smooth. After experiencing an ectopic pregnancy and undergoing left fallopian tube removal, there was no sign of natural pregnancy anymore.

Therefore, the couple decided to visit Lee Women's Hospital for a check-up, accompanied by Dr. Tzu-Ning Yu, who helps you embrace a healthy pregnancy. After diagnosis, Dr. Yu found that Xiao Ting's AMH level was only 0.57, indicating a low ovarian reserve. Fortunately, the other examination results were normal.

The couple decided to undergo IVF treatment. During the first egg retrieval, they obtained 3 embryos, and Xiao Ting decided to implant one embryo first. With the assistance of AI embryo selection based on scoring, Dr. Yu recommended implanting the embryo with the highest score. Xiao Ting became pregnant. However, at seven weeks, the baby's heartbeat became very slow. A week later, the baby's heart stopped beating. They had to terminate the pregnancy.

Dr. Yu assisted in taking the pregnancy tissue for chromosomal testing. The results revealed an extra copy of chromosome 22, known as Trisomy22 in the baby. Dr. Yu stated, "Although the probability is low, this is a common cause of first-trimester miscarriage."

Knowing the reason, the couple felt somewhat relieved. "Dr. Yu has always been gentle and patient, listening to our needs and finding the best treatment options for us. During the treatment, Dr. Yu accompanies us through worries and anxieties, facing problems and difficulties together. After the embryo from the first treatment was implanted and we heard the heartbeat, we felt a sense of unease. Later, the heartbeat stopped, and I cried. Dr. Yu comforted me, saying, 'It's okay, we'll keep trying together.'"

Dr. Yu explained to them, preparing for pregnancy at an advanced age about common causes of miscarriage. "First-trimester miscarriage is often caused by chromosomal abnormalities. Generally, individuals aged 35 and above are considered advanced maternal age, and the rate of chromosomal abnormalities in embryos starts to increase. Difficulty in conceiving and the risk of miscarriage also rise. It is recommended to consider preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A), which identifies embryos with normal chromosomes before implantation. Moreover, at Lee Women's Hospital, embryo chromosomal testing is conducted in an in-house Genetic Diagnosis Laboratory, which reduces the risk associated with cell transportation compared to some clinics that outsource the testing."

Dr. Yu suggests that Xiao Ting undergo another egg retrieval to fertilize a new batch of embryos. The remaining embryos from previous cycles are thawed and undergo PGT-A testing together. Ultimately, they identify the one precious embryo with normal chromosomes. This valuable embryo successfully implants, and subsequent high-level ultrasound and cardiac ultrasound confirm the baby's normal development. Later, the baby is born successfully and is now a healthy and adorable little one!

Xiao Ting recalls her pregnancy journey, saying, "After resting for a few months and adjusting my emotions, I discussed with Dr. Yu about undergoing a second treatment cycle. We retrieved eggs for the second time and had the embryos from both cycles undergo preimplantation genetic testing. Finally, the only embryo grew healthily and successfully. I am very grateful to Dr. Yu and the team at Lee Women's Hospital for fulfilling our wish to have a second child."

"To all the future mothers waiting, do not give up. Lee Women's Hospital has the best team and laboratory. As long as you don't give up, Dr. Yu will accompany you on this journey," Small Ting shares from her own experience, offering encouragement to others still undergoing treatment.

In fact, Dr. Yu has something to say to Small Ting as well: "I am thankful for your trust throughout the journey. The joy of success comes from not giving up. Together, we can overcome all challenges."
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