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Seven-Year Wait: Filipino Couple Welcomes Twins at LWH


At the age of 35, Bianca from the Philippines crossed the seas to Lee Women's Hospital in Taiwan. Seeking consultation with Dr. Lee, she and her husband underwent two rounds of egg retrieval and one embryo transfer in just three months, leading to a successful pregnancy and the safe birth of healthy twins.

Looking back on their entire journey of trying to conceive, Bianca shared, "After experiencing multiple failed attempts at artificial insemination in the Philippines, my husband and I began exploring in-vitro fertilization (IVF) there. Unfortunately, the IVF cycle didn't yield viable eggs, and I was preparing for the next cycle. While considering different fertility clinics in the country, a friend highly recommended Lee Women's Hospital in Taiwan to me."

In August 2018, Lee Women's Hospital participated in the Taiwan Healthcare Industry Trade Meeting in the Philippines. I immediately registered for a one-on-one consultation and learned during the seminars that their reproductive medical costs were comparable to those in the Philippines, yet the hospital offered more advanced procedures and medications, resulting in significantly higher success rates.

Without hesitation, I traveled to Taiwan and chose Dr. Lee because he addressed all my questions and concerns about infertility treatment. Throughout our seven-year struggle to conceive, he was the only one who provided clear answers. Amidst the confusion, his guidance provided me with a clear direction. Despite his busy schedule, I felt his genuine care for patients.

During my fertility treatment at Lee Women's Hospital, I remained calm and focused, fully prepared to accept any outcome. I desired to become a mother wholeheartedly, and I had mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared myself. I followed all medical instructions diligently—maintaining a balanced diet, exercising regularly, taking medications as prescribed, undergoing necessary examinations, and wholeheartedly engaging in every aspect of treatment, including immune therapy (APAS). This way, I would have no regrets regardless of the final result. Of course, most importantly, I prayed to God, seeking His guidance at every step.

The entire process at the hospital felt seamless, systematic, and well-organized. The hospital boasts advanced equipment and facilities, providing a one-stop solution from initial consultation to ultrasounds, blood tests, and medication acquisition. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful, guiding me through each step.

A few days after the embryo transfer, I returned to Manila to await the pregnancy test. Originally scheduled for January 31st, I couldn't wait and tested on January 27th... It was then that I saw two strong lines, a sight I hadn't seen in my seven-year journey of fertility treatment. I couldn't believe it and tears streamed down my face. I thanked God for this blessing and felt that my prayer to become a mother had finally been answered. This feeling is hard to explain, but I knew I was filled with joy and happiness. I shared this wonderful news with Lee Women's Hospital through email, asking the international coordinator to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Lee.

At the first prenatal checkup, it was revealed that I was carrying twins! Five months later, we learned their genders: a girl and a boy! Reflecting on everything we had been through—the physical, mental, and emotional challenges—all the hardships felt insignificant! We had prayed to God for a baby, and He responded by giving us not just one, but two, a boy and a girl. We couldn't ask for more. All the long waits and efforts were worth it.

I encourage other aspiring mothers not to lose hope. With the right treatment and care, most women can successfully conceive. Believe in and trust science, the process, and your doctor. Prepare your body for surgery, but most importantly, pray to God, have faith in His perfect timing, and believe that He will fulfill the desires of your heart!"
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