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Secondary infertility: IVF case

Mr. Zhang, 35 years old, shares his feelings when he finally saw the two lines on the pregnancy test after having embryos implanted at Lee Women's Hospital.
"Wow, the baby is finally here! I'm going to be a dad. It's quite emotional. I had to console my wife Qiqi, who was already crying tears of joy. I want to thank her for enduring the pregnancy for ten months."

Looking back on their challenging journey, Mr. Zhang and his wife, Qiqi, mentioned that they first learned about Lee Women's Hospital through the drama "Mother to be." Later, because they had relatives and friends who successfully became pregnant through IVF treatments at Lee Women's Hospital, they decided to undergo IVF treatment there at the end of last year after attending a preconception seminar by Dr. Chun-I Lee.

Qiqi had experienced a natural pregnancy but had a miscarriage. After trying various methods without success, Dr. Chun-I Lee classified her condition as "secondary infertility."

Dr. Lee arranged infertility-related examinations for the couple and discovered that Qiqi had a unique S-shaped cervix with issues of uterine adhesion and polyps. This required a uterine hysteroscopy surgery to remove the polyps. Mr. Zhang had issues with fragmented sperm, so it was recommended to use Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) to facilitate fertilization with a healthy sperm and egg.

In the end, they successfully cultivated five high-quality embryos, and the first embryo transfer resulted in a successful pregnancy.

The editor interviewed Mr. Zhang about his feelings on his first Father's Day, but what he most wanted to say was to his wife, who was six months pregnant.
"Honey, you've worked so hard during this time carrying our baby. It hasn't been easy, and I can see how uncomfortable you've been, experiencing cramps and all. I can't fully understand that feeling, but all I can do is be your strong support and provide the assistance you need. When you started the IVF treatment, I took care of all the household chores, massaged your feet, and from the beginning of the treatment, I've been driving you to and from work. Anything you need, I'm here to help with all my heart." 

Mr. Zhang also wanted to encourage other future fathers who are going through the IVF journey with their wives: "To all the future fathers, please give your full support to your wives during the IVF treatment phase. From the IVF treatment to pregnancy and the moment when the baby is born, it's all especially tough on her. The baby is the result of both your love. While striving in your careers, remember to provide timely support and care to the mom. Communication is key, be proactive in helping out. As a couple, you are about to enter a new stage, so let's learn and grow together, preparing for the arrival of the baby. I wish you all to be great teammates on this journey of parenthood. Let's encourage each other."
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