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In vitro fertilization treatment overcomes the infertility caused by incompatible sperm and egg

Two years ago, Mr. Yu and his wife visited Lee Women’s Hospital.

They have been married for four years, but his wife cannot get pregnant. Their infertility was caused by incompatible sperm with the egg after examination. They made the decision to take the in vitro fertilization treatment after consideration.

Where there is a will, there is a way. They finally have a cut baby girl who is two years old now.
Look! Her little hands are so cute!

Mr. Yu with his family visits the dean of Lee Women’s Hospital. A thank you card which they wrote to appreciate Dr. Lee and his professional team: Thank you for your experts to help us have a cute daughter.
  • Tips for getting pregnant ⋙ The knowledge of incompatible sperm and egg
The rate of incompatible sperm and egg is less than 2% in clinic. In term of sperm is incompatible with the egg known as immunologic infertility is rare. Once the sperm is identified as the foreign object that cause an immune system response in either the husband’s or the wife’s body, the anti-sperm antibodies will be produced to against the sperm. Anti-sperm antibodies often cause infertility when they appear in the reproductive tract, such as the cervix, and the sperm head, tail, and semen. Anti-sperm antibodies to be the cause of infertility is diagnosed in vitro fertilization treatment are necessary for pregnancy.