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What is AMH?

What does AMH represent?
AMH is the abbreviation for Anti-mullerian Hormone. AMH is generated by growing follicles in the ovary, which can show the ovarian reserve. Ovary function is an important factor affecting the success rate of pregnancy and IVF, and the AMH level  is the indicator for fertility. 
AMH <2 (ng/ml)  2≤AMH≤5(ng/ml)  AMH >5 (ng/ml)
Ovarian Failure Normal PCOS

The relationship between AMH level and age

The normal AMH level is between 2-5, most of the young women are in this range. AMH will decline with age and reach 1ng/ml at 40. If your AMH level is already below 1 before 40, you might have premature ovarian failure (POF). In order to preserve fertility, we would suggest patients with such symptoms to freeze eggs as early as possible. 
But if your AMH level is above 5, you might have PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome). We would suggest patients to take medical treatment or screen out the best embryo by fourth generation IVF as to increase the success rate of pregnancy.

Why do you need AMH examination?
  • Evaluate ovary function and chance of pregnancy precisely
  • Help doctors to adjust dosage of medication and increase the success rate of IVF
  • Reduce the risk of OHSS
  • Evaluate treatment for PCOS
  • Diagnose menopause

How is AMH testing done?
AMH level can be examined through blood tests. You can do the AMH test at any time since the AMH index won’t be affected by menstruation, pregnancy, other female hormones or contraceptives. We would suggest adult females check their AMH index every 2 - 3 years to keep track of the inventory of their follicles. 

What should I do if I have abnormal AMH level?

AMH too low:

  • Healthy lifestyle, stay away from environmental pollution
  • Ingest food rich of folic acid, such as green vegetables, liver, yeast, beans and fruits
  • Ingest food rich of estrogen, such as soybean, white fungus, spinach and yam
  • Ingest supplements like Q10 and DHEA

AMH too hight:

  • Weight control, maintain BMI between 18.5~24
  • Regulating menstruation (please consult with your OB/GYN doctor)

The AMH level is an important indicator for pregnancy. If patients have abnormal AMH level but no family planning yet, we would suggest egg freezing to preserve fertility. For those who have family planning, they may consider taking fourth generation IVF treatment to increase chances of pregnancy. 

Although the AMH index has a remarkable relationship with ovarian reserve, it only represents the amount of eggs but not the quality. Females who have pregnancy plans should consult with their doctors for the best treatment.

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