Success Story


Blocked Fallopian Tubes & Poor Sperm Quality


Today, we share with you a success story from Xiaoqi at Lee Women's Hospital.
"Thank you, Dr. Tzu-Ning Yu, for your meticulous assistance with our IVF treatment, which enabled us to successfully give birth to our baby. We are grateful to have you," Xiaoqi wrote in a card thanking Dr. Tzu-Ning Yu in the consultation room.

The beginning of the story is much like many others. Xiaoqi got married at the age of 35. The couple had plans to have a baby, but despite their efforts, there was no news. Additionally, both families had traditional expectations of becoming grandparents, placing significant pressure on them.Three years had passed without seeing those two lines on the pregnancy test. Not only did the stress take a toll on their physical and mental well-being, but Xiaoqi also felt deeply disheartened.

So, they decided to seek assistance from Lee Women's Hospital. Initially, Xiaoqi's husband was reluctant to visit the infertility clinic. However, after Dr. Tzu-Ning Yu conducted an examination, they discovered that Xiaoqi's fallopian tubes were blocked. Furthermore, there were numerous polyps in the uterine lining, which could affect embryo implantation. Simultaneously, it was found that Xiaoqi's husband had less than ideal sperm quality. All these factors combined were the reasons why natural conception was not possible.

They finally understood why they had been trying so hard for all these years without success. "If only we had known earlier, we should have come for examinations sooner..."

Dr. Yu immediately arranged a hysteroscopy for Xiaoqi, during which the polyps were removed using a hysteroscopic resectoscope. This procedure ensured that the embryo would have a favorable location for implantation. 

Xiaoqi's ovarian function was normal, and during a single egg retrieval, they obtained a total of 18 eggs. However, the quality of the embryos was not excellent, and in the end, only 3 Day 6 embryos were formed. Due to their somewhat slow development, they were rated as subpar embryos by the AI embryo selection system.

Although the chances of success were relatively low, Dr. You and Xiaoqi's couple didn't give up on any opportunity. They carefully timed the implantation of one of the relatively better embryos. Despite being labeled as subpar embryos, it successfully implanted.

On the 6th day, embryos tend to have a higher miscarriage rate. Therefore, during the early stages of pregnancy, Dr. Yu at Lee Women's Hospital conducted thorough and careful examinations. This highly anticipated embryo continued to grow steadily. 

Last month, Xiaoqi and her husband returned with their child to express their gratitude to Dr. Yu for helping them realize their lifelong dream. Xiaoqi's husband mentioned, "Our mothers from both sides of the family finally accept us." In this sentence, he summed up the pressure they had endured for over three years.

The journey of IVF is not easy, and they are thankful that Xiaoqi had faith in the Lee Women's Hospital team, giving them this opportunity to assist and help them. They also send their blessings for the baby to grow up healthy and happy.
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