Success Story


5 Attempts with IVF & Premature Births


This is a heartwarming story shared by a father.

Our journey to conceive has been full of challenges. Initially, we faced two failures in artificial insemination at other IVF centers. By a stroke of fate, we came to Lee Women's Hospital and discovered my wife had uterine polyps, leading to her first surgery. Subsequently, numerous injections and blood tests followed, leaving bruises on her hands and belly. Finally, the day we saw two lines on the pregnancy test, we were overjoyed. The early stages were filled with anticipation and nervousness during each weekly checkup, and witnessing our baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound was truly touching.

However, my wife experienced discomfort during her pregnancy, and one day, everything suddenly came to a halt. "Miscarriage," these words caught us off guard. Our baby, with a heartbeat at 8 weeks, was gone. Dr. Lin reassured us that the embryos were high-grading. After taking care of our bodies, we decided to try again.

Six months later, we embarked on our second treatment, but again, it didn't go as planned. Soon after, we underwent the third treatment, directly implanting two embryos. Finally, we welcomed the second pregnancy. At 26+3 weeks, my wife experienced a strong contraction and water breaking. I witnessed an unforgettable scene as she sat amidst a pool of blood. We rushed to the emergency service of Lee Women’s Hospital.

Dr. Lin promptly performed an ultrasound and advised us to transfer to a medical center. At that time, my wife's cervix was already dilated to four centimeters, and the baby was ready to be born. Dr. Lin comforted my wife while explaining the situation to me. At that moment, I wished I could take the doctor with us to the medical center.

In the end, our baby was born at 26+6 weeks, weighing 1075 grams. We want to express our gratitude to all the friends who consoled, encouraged, and supported us throughout the journey. Our heartfelt thanks also go to Dr. Lin and, of course, to my amazing wife. You gave it your all, and you're truly incredible. Thank you for everything!

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