Success Story


Couple from Beijing welcomed their third child in LWH

This couple was reaching 40. 
Although they already had 2 children, they still want a third one. 
But they were unable to get pregnant again after 4 years of trying. 

So they came to LWH to seek help from Dean Maw-Sheng Lee. 
They wanted to screen out the best embryo through fourth generation IVF. 
But because they have reached advanced maternal age, 
there were only 2 mosaic embryos left after screening. 

Mosaic embryos were often abandoned in other fertility centers.
But in LWH, every embryo is precious. 
LWH has over 30 years of experience, we believe even mosaic embryos can turn into healthy babies.
We have over hundreds of success cases already!

Couple from Beijing welcomed their third child in LWH
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