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Egg Donation IVF After Turning 50

Egg Donation IVF After Turning 50

"Both my husband and I are 55 years old, and our daughter is 24. We've always wanted to have more children. Over a decade ago, we tried IVF, but due to our advanced age, the embryo quality was poor, and it didn't result in a successful pregnancy. However, the desire to have another child has always been in our hearts.

Two years ago, I saw a red banner at a ObGyn clinic in Changhua that mentioned a successful IVF at the age of 53, which reignited my hope. So, I queued up for an egg donor, but after waiting for two months without any news. Afterwards, I found Lee Women's Hospital online. Upon inquiry, I discovered that Lee Women's Hospital had an egg bank, and I quickly found a suitable match."

Lee Women's Hospital's abundant egg bank and efficient egg matching system solved the core issue of age-related egg shortage. However, ensuring the essential sperm quality for embryo formation was also crucial. Moreover, careful attention was required to prepare the uterine environment for the embryo.

The director of Lee Women's Hospital arranged a hysteroscope for Mrs. Bai, which revealed the presence of uterine fibroids and polyps. These had to be removed through a uterine surgery with a TruClear hysteroscopic. Additionally, hyaluronic acid was used to prevent adhesions.

The analysis of Mr. Bai's semen quality also showed less-than-ideal results. As a result, the director prescribed suitable supplements and medications for one month to improve his sperm quality. When Mr. Bai returned for a follow-up visit, his sperm quality had improved significantly!

With both spouses following the director's medical advice and body preparation principles, they successfully became pregnant with twins after just one implantation! Mrs. Bai couldn't help but praise, "The director's medical skills are truly amazing! At my age, getting pregnant with twins on the first try is a testament to his expertise! Highly recommended!"

However, the director of Lee Women's Hospital reminded everyone that carrying twins at an older age comes with a very high risk of complications during pregnancy. Fortunately, Mrs. Bai remained stable under the director's attentive care until the 22nd week of pregnancy, and she finally transitioned from the infertility department to the ObGyn department. The twins continued to thrive in their mother's womb until 37 weeks and 5 days, a full-term birth.

"During my pregnancy, the director monitored my blood sugar, lipid levels, thyroid, and varicose veins. I followed his instructions for nutritional supplementation, dealing with bloating in the early stages, varicose veins in the middle, and swelling in the later stages. Dietary control helped manage these issues, and I eventually had a safe natural birth. The twins were born with weights of 2895 grams and 2650 grams, and heights of 48 and 47 centimeters, respectively. They didn't need an incubator, and now, at three and a half months, they are both very healthy! Whenever I see these two healthy and adorable babies, I feel so grateful. My husband often says that the director is like the Bodhisattva of Fertility. I wish all parents-to-be who want babies the best of luck."

Finally, Mrs. Bai, who fulfilled her dream at such an advanced age, wants to encourage other couples struggling with infertility with her own experience. "Seeing the smiles of these two children, I feel that all the hardships were worth it! Please have confidence in the Lee Women's Hospital team, relax, take care of your bodies, and follow the doctor's guidance. Believe that your baby will come soon!"
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